About Department of Biology and Ecology

The Department of Biology and Ecology is the organizational unit of Faculty of Science – University of Kragujevac for education of biological and ecological personnel profiles, teachers for primary and secondary schools, as well as researchers who will apply their knowledge in pedagogical, scientific and economic activities. Department of Biology and Ecology offer bachelor's programme in Biology and Ecology, master's programme in Biology, Ecology and Molecular biology, as well as PhD programme in Biology. Research activities at the Department of Biology and Ecology include a wide range of biological and environmental scientific fields. In realization of these goals, more than 70 academics, researchers and support staff participate. One of the important activities is the realization of many international and national projects. The activities related to education and scientific researches are partly performed in separate organizational units such as Aquarium – Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity and Fishing in inland waters, Botanical garden and Centre for Preclinical Testing of Active Substances – CPCTAS.

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